The refurbishment of the Zevaco dome, better known as the “Al-Kora Al-Ardia” or globe in English that was launched in 2016 to revive the symbolic monument in the city of Casablanca will serve as the opening of the economic capital of the Kingdom to the world.

Found in the heart of the United Nations area where banks, shops and corporate headquarters are concentrated, the Zevaco dome will be restored to its excellent form, while introducing new shades and bright colors. The restoration project was launched under the framework of a strategic vision to safeguard and enhance Casablanca’s rich historical heritage, to maintain or improve the tourist attraction and to go along with the development of the metropolis.

The project is being carried out by the Urban Commune of Casablanca mobilizing a budget of approximately 14 million Moroccan dirhams. The majority of the budget is being financed by the Kuwaiti group Al Ajial Holding, contributing to this rehabilitation a total amount of 11.5 million Moroccan dirhams.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the Zevaco dome is a symbol of Casablanca and its redevelopment will increase Casablanca’s status as a major city in the Kingdom of Morocco. Aside from the Hassan II Grand Mosque, the dome will be a useful site for the tourists as it is one of the old spots in the country. The new dome will bring a new image to the ever developing Casablanca.

The scope of work of the project includes the rehabilitation of the dome and restoring its colors to the underground passage which will accommodate commercial and cultural activities with the objective of preserving the traditional element of Casablanca. The project will also allow Casablanca to reclaim its heritage while highlighting the modern and dynamic character of the economic capital. Located in the center of the city where the past and the present meet, this project proposes a restoration of the dome, valuing the patrimonial approach, through the establishment of exact examinations, a diagnosis and finally the special requirements for determining the condition of the dome before beginning the implementation of the restoration work.

The concern of the project is to confirm the standing of the United Nations as a hub and central site of the city of Casablanca in synergy with the main urban components. The project is realized within the framework of the Development Plan of Greater Casablanca 2015-2020. It proposes to initiate a reflection on spatiality to create dynamism and rejuvenation to the city. It will infuse a new life to the Place des Nations United through the expansion of the quadrangle below and the integration of the “green” element in the landscape amenity and draw attention to the dome by integrating it in a real extended court.

It is also a matter of continuing the green framework by creating an authentic green park, reinforcing the active and striking elements by installing a water mirror and guarantee the sustainability of the project by integrating permanent activities.

This monument is one of the creations of the architect, Jean-François Zevaco, who devoted his journey in establishing the very principle of modernity in Moroccan architecture. Jean-François Zevaco is a native of Casablanca who trained at the Beaux-Arts of Paris He is the one who designed several buildings that are now part of the daily life of the people of Casablanca.